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Qlickpath generates easy insight in your performance analytics & fraudulent activities to optimise and protect your business.

QlickPath Performance Analytics (QPA)
QlickPath Analytics is a web application performance and usage analytics solution that provides complete insight to the chain from click to page display. This easy to use, web based application will pinpoint the bottlenecks in performance, i.e:

  • Browser version incompatibility
  • Location based problems
  • Specific timeframes

QlickPath Performance Analytics is based in the cloud, preventing unnecessary disturbance on your web application:

  • No tags on your website
  • No plug-ins or software installed
  • Automated configuration
  • Quick and easy access to your data

Relevant data is collected through automated scripts or actual users. QlickPath Performance Analytics provides dashboards for instant analysis, as well as the possibility to connect a report to client systems to improve business intelligence and a thorough analysis.

If necessary QlickPath’s experienced web application performance engineers can provide data analysis and training. Get to know more about QlickPath.

QlickPath Validation Engine (QVE)

QlickPath uses several techniques to analyse traffic and behavioural characteristics of online transactions. Through our unique combination of different metrics, we are able to identify a large set of attack vectors.

The QlickPath Fraudulent Request Index (FRI) provides a score and confidence level of the possibility that a request is fraudulent. This allows our clients the opportunity to make business decisions based on this information. The FRI can be dynamically adapted to cope with new and different fraud attempts.

Find out more about Qlickpath.