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How does McDonald’s live up to customer’s needs

If anyone knows how to put the customer first, it’s McDonald’s. The restaurant has teamed up with IntroMediates since 2009 to continuously improve their customer insights.
Aart Labee, director Business Insights Europe explains how McDonald’s manages to stay ahead of the game using business insights. “Data analytics plays a vital part in our organisation. We make sure we analyse data and translate results to actionable insights. Together with IntroMediates we managed to get a clearer view on customer needs by making better use of the data that is available to us.”

“All the knowledge gained from our data is not just about increasing profitability, but about giving the customer a better experience each time they visit our restaurants” explains Aart Labee. “For example we adjusted our workflow to reduce the delivery time or introduced new products such as the Iced Fruit drinks based on new customer insights. Customers’ needs are continuously changing, which makes our job of staying the number one restaurant chain a challenge.”

“Data analysis is not just about profitability, but about giving the customer a better experience each time they visit McDonald’s “

Marketing efficiency

Serving 15 million customers throughout Europe every day is a major operation. So finding an insight – even the smallest one – and taking action on it, can lead to major results.
By creating different dashboards McDonald’s increased its insights into their marketing activities. The success of a promotional product by itself can be evaluated as well as how it contributed to additional sales. For instance McDonald’s may add a promotional product to boost sales if it figures show it is frequently being sold with other products.

Several of these insights have led to actual changes in the way McDonalds provides their service to their customers. McDonald´s introduced for example new flavours in ice-cream or local specialities such as the Dutch ´McKroket´ or the French ´Le Croque McDo´ inspired by the French Croque Monsieur. New products or promotions like the ´one euro hamburger´ may be introduced but this does not mean they are here to stay like the golden arches themselves.

McDonald´s monitors customers’ needs on a daily basis. So new insights are born virtually every minute. The customer wants a faster delivery time? Enter the Self Order Kiosk (SOK), a screen in the restaurant that allow customers to place the order themselves. A traffic jam at the drive thru? They’ll throw in an extra lane to keep traffic flowing.
Keeping up with the customers ‘needs is an everyday business at McDonald’s. Just as much as making Big Mac’s.

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