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Wietse Bakker
Wietse BakkerManaging Partner
Wietse has experience in many sectors including: Retail, Finance, Online Media and Telecom. Wietse likes a challenge and is always seeking the perfect solution for our clients and asking ‘what if’…
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Norbert Heijke
Norbert HeijkeManaging Partner
Norbert provides clients with creativity and insight in technology which guarantees original and clever solutions. He is eager to show clients how to optimise processes and seize opportunities which others may overlook.
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Gijs Molenaar
Gijs MolenaarData analist
Gijs is a data analist with a creative touch. Thinking out of the box while analysing data is his strong point…
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Dirk Jan Ruighaver
Dirk Jan RuighaverConsultant
Dirk-Jan has a creative spirit when it comes to analysing data. With over 25 years of experience in business intelligence and CRM, he knows how to add value to data. Dirk-Jan is focussed on creating structure during any project, using Information management to create order and obtain the best long term results for our clients.
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You?our newest team member?
We are continuously looking for new talent in the field of business intelligence and CRM. See our current job opportunities or get in touch.
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