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We are Intromediates

IntroMediates realize growth in marketing and sales for her clients. Our tailor made solutions often involve intelligent software and create insights in business. Helping our clients outsmart competition.


Business Intelligence or doing intelligent business?

Depending on the challenge in business for our client, we provide distinctive innovative applications based on intelligent software products and methodology. Whether we have to improve the marketing and sales process, optimize the operational structure or provide new insights through advanced analytics, we pride ourselves in providing an efficient and unique solution for our clients.

A mutual goal and shared effort

IntroMediates know there’s no great reward without some entrepreneurial risk. We share the risk with our clients as well as the mutual success. We’ve created new business opportunities for our clients in retail/ wholesale, telecom, the financial market and digital media. We maintain long-standing business relationships with multinational companies such as Randstad, McDonalds, Prisa Digital, KPN, ABN AMRO and RTL Group as well as with our network partners.

  • Unconventional and Creative

We think outside the box to create outstanding solutions to your challenges in business.
To help your company stand out in the crowd, we offer you solutions that are different, better and tailored to suit your needs. Needless to say, we never come up with standard solutions, but provide solutions that suite your company’s challenges, resources and needs.

  • Know how

We have a proven track record of experience with sales- marketing and operations processes in high-tech multinationals.

  • Sharing risk

Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Not tailored to our knowledge. Together with our partners, we offer the right solution to enable you to seize business opportunities. Together with your company, we work towards a partnership that involves sharing the entrepreneurial risk and success of the solution.

  • Confidence

With our risk sharing model and open communication, we believe in long term partnerships with both our clients and partners.